EJ’s Accident

Dear Elisha,

It’s been 3 days since your accident – you hit your head on the edge of the of the bench while you were playing with your classmates which resulted to an injury on your left eyebrow and swelling on the left side of your face. I keep recallingthe scene where the lady guard (Manang Josie) was carrying you and running from the preschool department all the way to the clinic… I keep hearing your excruciating cry… I keep seeing the blood that covered your face and your uniform when I finally confirmed that it was you Manang Josie brought to the clinic… I keep seeing the the time 4:02pm in the car as I parked outside your school because seconds after that, the accident happened… I keep wondering if arriving earlier would’ve prevented the accident…I keep feeling how your body trembled when nurse Marizet was cleaning your wound, teacher Glazeus was removing the blood in the other parts of your body and I was hugging you and telling you that it’s ok and you’ll be fine. At that time, all that mattered to me was finding a way to make you feel better and secure so I asked you to stop crying so that the blood would stop flowing, and you did. I asked you if you wanted to eat fishballs and you said yes. On and on we talked and in a little while, you were already smiling! “You’re so brave EJ” kept coming out of my mouth and indeed you are… How wonderful it felt when inspite the pain I saw you smile. I took a picture so you’ll always remember that day (September 16, 2009) as a BRAVE DAY, so here you are after the dressing:

at the clinic

While the nurse was filling out the insurance form, I left you with your Koko Gigi (who carried you the whole time even until we went to the hospital for a check-up) and went to the preschool to interview the lady guard on what happened and of course, to take pictures. I want you to see these things when you’re grown up and remember them not as a painful experience but as one where courage and joy overshadowed fear.

the bench with EJ's blood

I’ll end this blog with these words to you my son… You were truly brave that day, very very brave. And as I told you, inspite the accident, I still thank God that it was only your eyebrows that got damaged, not your eyes or other critical parts that may have cause your life. I still say, THANK YOU LORD FOR PROTECTING MY SON… Someday you’ll face more challenges but with the Lord’s hand upon you, you’ll be well, He’ll take care of you – that I am certain.

Here’s the picture of the people who helped took care of you immediately after the accident, except Siansi Glazeus – he already left when I took this picture.

THANK YOU so much!

I love you Elisha…







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10 responses to “EJ’s Accident

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  3. lucy

    Brave Boy, Excellent Mama

  4. JR

    thank you LORD for your protection …
    thank you LORD for another upgrade in the university of life …
    thank you LORD for the smile after the pain …

    EJ is a brave young man 🙂

    — tito jr here 🙂

  5. MeiliLo

    Candy – thanks so much for the comment… when EJ grows up, he’ll be able to read this and will always remember you ;D

    Posh – yes, I suggest you do it. I truly hope I knew blogging when he was born, tani na document ko iya growing up ;D

    Papa – thanks langga…I know that in times we’re not with them, it’s our prayers that will keep them safe.

  6. Papa

    Elisha, Papa’s proud of you! Why God allowed it? Sometimes to remind us of our freewill to do what we want, while also telling us He never stops watching. God is merciful indeed. See you soon.

  7. ha daw na inspire ko mag blog about dindin…na separate. pero more on her developments. i can’t keep track na gani, maybe i will start when she is 6 months old. when ko na ayhan ma ubra man? hahaha

  8. hay grabe gid ya…yeah, our children’s lives are in God’s hands. we can only do so much to protect them. i believe our ministry to our children is also limited to our capacities. but still, God entrusts us with these precious spirits for the wonderful privilege of raising them up to become lovers of God. 😀 keep the faith!

  9. Good Boy, EJ! You are so brave, Anti Candy miss you very much. Take care, dear. mwha~~~

  10. Good Boy EJ! You are so brave.. Missing you, take care. mwha~~~~

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