Dear Meimei,

As I was holding you this evening, I realized it’s been a 5 months and 6 days since I heard your first cry… I still recall the very first time I saw you in the delivery room when the nurse brought you to me, I blurted out that you had your papa’s nose – which made the nurses smile. After several hours, your pedia, Dra. Tett went to my room and told me that the other parts of your body were all normal except for one thing – you have a birth defect known as imperforate anus. I didn’t cry nor did I feel hopeless. I knew deep down in my heart that God is in control, He cares for you more than I do and that your name, Elizabeth Joy means God’s Promise of JOY – nothing can change that. April 18 your papa came home and you had your first operation – you needed to have a colostomy in order for you to poo.  After a week we went out of the hospital and from then on, we were never apart… Time flies really fast… Two weeks from now you will again have your operation – PSARP. That will be the time Dr. Mic, your surgeon, will make a rectum. The operation will last for about 2-3 hrs and you will stay in the hospital for about 3-5 days. Papa Joey will be home again so we can go through with this as a family – we will pray for you and take care of you together. My heart bleeds when I think of the pain your 2nd operation will cause you, however, I know that you will be one step closer to that day when you can finally be free and live a normal life. So my baby, be strong. I see strength in your eyes… You will not just survive this operation but you will thrive. God’s hand will guide everyone that will be involved in this activity, so I will not fear. Just as I trusted God during your first surgery, I believe for the success of the 2nd one. You’ll be fine baby… And the moment the doctor says we can hold you and you can drink milk, you can drink all you can from mama’s milk 🙂

Today is September 22 and your scheduled surgery will be on October 5. Papa will be home October 1st so you both can still have time to play and we can have our family picture – all of us smiling.

I love you princess Lizzie,


X.S. Below is a picture of you when you were 1 month old and 5 months old using the same dresses. I love your smile baby… And your papa thinks you’re very pretty!




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5 responses to “ONE STEP CLOSER…

  1. October 5, is fast approaching. I will pray for her safe operation. Thanks God that I was able to drop here in your blog. May I invite you to be my friend?

  2. Papa

    Meimei, nothing is an accident… everything happens for a reason. Allow God to work through your experiences, then you will realize the purpose of your life.

    Remember that Papa loves you and is always thinking of you every day. See you soon.

  3. MeiliLo

    shirley – thanks so much dear 😀 hopefully we can go back to jiaxing next year. miss you!

    lucy – thanks… yes, meimei will grow up happy and hopefully look like me as she grows ;D hihihi

  4. lucy

    Hi, MeiMei.

    You look like your father quitely and you are beautifull.

    I hope you grow up happy!

  5. shirley

    Dear Maricar

    You are very lucky lady with two lovely kids and excellent husband.

    Enjoy your family Dear.

    By the way, you are excellent English teacher and hope you come back Jiaxing.


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