2 Out of 3 – PSARP

Dear Meimei,

Last October 5, 2009 at 7:30am at the Riverside Medical Center you went through with your 2nd operation – the PSARP (Posterior Sagittal AnoRectoPlasty – the surgery required to create an anus). To give you and our loved ones a glimpse of what took place at the hospital I decided to blog about it. So read on darling…

October 4 at 3pm we were already in the hospital because there were laboratory tests performed. You were tortured 3 times:

(1) blood sample for blood typing and other tests

(2) skin test for the antibiotic that was used for your IV

(3) IV – your pediatrician, Dra. Geolingo decided to have your IV that night because your potassium content was 1 point lower than the specification so it needed to be corrected prior to surgery

Of course you cried really loud 3 times also and there was even that look in your eyes as if begging me to help you… But baby, all I did was hold you tight and told you you’ll be fine. In spite the pain all those injections caused you, you still remained to be a happy baby before bedtime.

before PSARP

October 5 at 6:30am your papa and I brought you to the operating room. The nurses and the doctors thought you were adorable. They played with you and you showed them your infectious smile 😀 while we were waiting for Doc Mic and Doc Banlaoi. At exactly 7:30am Doc Banlaoi injected the anesthesia into your IV and immediately, 10 seconds to be exact, you fell asleep. You went inside the OR while your papa and I went back to our room and slept. We have prayed for you so we trusted God to take care of you… Here you are in the recovery room after the PSARP:

in the recovery room

You had oxygen, lamp, catheter, IV and the heart monitor all attached to you. You were still under the power of the anesthesia so you were sound asleep. We stayed there for 2 hours and then up to our room. You remained asleep until past 6pm. You only woke up for your milk then back to sleep again the whole night.

October 6 came and you were still a bit groggy but you were back to your drink all you can mode ;D Your papa was carrying you when he noticed your IV was dislodged so we asked the nurse to remove it. The blessing was that day, your doctors decided to shift to oral antibiotics instead of re-inserting the IV… yehey!!! Here’s you and your smiling face ;D Oh by the way, your last dose of pain killer was given 6am this day so at this time (2:22pm) you were on your own. I don’t know how painful it is to have PSARP but from the look on your face, it didn’t matter at all.

dancing with papa

Later that night I slowly let you sit down to see if you can tolerate the pain and you did!!! You’re a fighter meimei and I thank God for that.

trying to sit down

October 7 came and when Doc Mic did your dressing, he decided to remove the catheter as it was partially removed already. So there’s another THANK YOU LORD moment for us, no more “lawit” as what your yaya Angel and I call it.

no more catheter

October 8 morning all your doctors agreed that it’s time to GO HOME because everything went well and you were doing well. So while we were waiting for the billing section for our payables, I had a nice time playing with you. You’re slowly becoming camera conscious so I was tickling you but your concern was the camera ;D

ready to leave

When we left Station 5 the nurses commented that you were such a wonderful, happy and cute patient. They look at you and it seemed nothing happened because you were all smiles and you didn’t lose weight 😀 They wish to see you in your final operation – your colostomy closure.

Someday when life gets so hard, you can be assured that you can make it. God made you a fighter and a joyful woman. God was with you all the way even when things were beyond our control, He’ll never leave you nor forsake you baby…We will be forever grateful to family, friends and even to strangers who prayed for you and helped took care of you. We don’t have to repay them but we can pay forward the kindness that we have received. It is my prayer that God will multiply their joy and add blessing to their lives.

Ooops, for the record… We went to your check up last October 12 and you gained weight. From 9.3Kgs pre-operation to 9.44Kgs post operation. How many people do you know gain weight after surgery??? Again I thank God for that 😀

I love you meimei… You successfully passed 2 out of 3 surgeries, 1 more to go then you’re totally free to have a normal poooo life 😀

October 12, 2009



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21 responses to “2 Out of 3 – PSARP

  1. she’s a real fighter, doesn’t even look that she’s sick…thanks God one more to go and she will be fine, i’m sure the last one will be easy. and i salute you and your husband for being strong, meimei is so bless to have parents like you! anyway, she still looks cute on those pictures and i was touched with your letter! God is good and He will be there for meimei and your family! wishing you and your family a great weekend! 🙂

  2. I agree, she’s a fighter. Mukha ngang wala syang sakit sa pics… She’s so cute…

    I Am Magic is my entry for Pink Fridays.

  3. You are truly a gift Mei. Take care and remember that your parents love you so much. Here’s my PF . Thanks and see you around!

  4. Lovely photos Tita!

    My Pink entry is the meme I am hosting, hope you can join for the kick off of the Color Connection tomorrow (Saturday, June 4). Please join us, thanks!

  5. nakakaiyak naman! tayong mommy kung pwede lang akuin lahat ng kanilang nararamdaman..but your your daughter is a fighter! ang galing!

    Here’s my Pink Friday

  6. hay daw san-o lang no? daw wala lang. grabe gid grace ni God kay mei2 😀

    PF ; Sexy Poses with Dindin

  7. wow, God is so great! He didn’t forsake her, and I am pretty sure she’s ok now? as i noticed this is just a repost but nonetheless a touching story to be told and retold. tama ba? hehehe..

    hope you can drop by here:




    hope to see you! thanks!

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  9. Lucy Luo

    a fighter meimei and a great mama.

  10. MeiliLo

    thank you for all your commments…

    Angel, I pray that the Lord will provide for you for Noah’s 3rd operation. I understand that we want our kids to have that normal life.
    God Bless you.

  11. Angel

    Hi…I can relate to your situation/story. My baby @8 mos had his PSARP last Nov. 25, 2009. I just wanna share… We actually don’t have enough money for the operation. This operation was supposed to be done last September pa, since we don’t have enough money it was always posponed. Nilakasan ko lang loob ko na ipaopera na yun baby ko kahit wala pa kaming pera, because I am a mom, and I want my baby to live a normal life while he’s young. After the successful PSARP of baby Noah he didn’t feel good for 2 days. Nilagnat sya and iayakin lalo na kpag nakakakita ng nurse or doctor. Which is hindi naman nya ginagawa before. Kc like meimei, smiling face din yun baby ko sa lahat ng tao. 3 days after the PSRAP, naging ok na yun feelings ni baby, back to normal. Then the doctor told us that we can go home na. Eto na yun problem ko, our bill is 83,000 I don’t know where to get that amount. So we stayed in the hospital for few more days pa, dahil wala kaming pambayad. God is so good, may mga ginamit sya na magpadala ng blessings sa amin. At yun kulang is binenta na namin yun mga pwede naming ibentang gamit kasi nabenta na namin yun lupa namin sa first operation nya t nangutang narin kami para lang makalabas. Hindi pa nagstart ang dilation ni baby. Follow up check up namin bukas, titgnan if pwede na sya i-dilate. Everything went okay naman na, thank God. Sa ngayon nag iisip nanaman ako kung paano ang gagawin namin sa 3rd operation nya. Kasi honestly speaking financially unstable kami. Yun asawa ko ang nag aalaga sa baby namin. So di sya nagwowork. Ako lang yun nagwowork para sa milk, food, and allowance namin. So wala akong maipon for medical expenses. We are praying na may tumulong sa amin sa 3rd operation ng baby ko para he will live a normal life before sya mag one year old. 9 mos na kasi sya ngayon. Gusto ko paglaki nya, he won’t remember all the pain that he had been through. God bless everyone. +639109875955

  12. grace

    hi maricar!
    my son also was operated last june 2008 but for inguinal hernia, he was 7 1/2 months old then. i understand how you felt (somehow)… during the time he was sedated, i almost cried…when I left him in the OR, all I could do was entrust him in God’s hands. Meimei is blessed to have strong, courageous parents like You and Joey, as much as she is a blessing to both of you. There is a reason why He allowed us to get through things like this.. I know now He is using you to strengthen others going through the same. God bless you sis!

  13. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  14. May

    You are a brave mom, Maricar! Your Meimei is very blessed to have you. She’s shown real courage so young… she will brave life’s trials beautifully. God Bless!

  15. MeiliLo

    thank you ladies… mwah!

  16. Such a lovely and adorable baby. everything will be ok with her. the first one is the hardest kuno mo so the rest will just be a piece of cake 😀 Go Meimei!

  17. Wow! She is indeed a fighter! Go Meimei!

  18. MM

    Hope she’ll be better pa gid. She’s such a smiling baby no? Kaulumol. 🙂

  19. Happy to see Meimei’s pictures, she is sooooo cute and brave. Blessing you~~~

  20. shirley

    Yes, I agree, Meimei is fighter Meimei.

    I am very happy when I heard from Meimei ok.

  21. chet

    kaka-touch. your baby is a fighter. the 3rd operation will be easy.

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