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Christmas 2008 in China

Dear Elisha,

I was browsing through some of our pictures in China when I saw our Christmas 2008 photos. OUR Christmas means including Meimei because she was already in my tummy. I bet she felt the joy and heard the laughter those evenings we had our Christmas parties with friends and with our OFW families in Jiaxing 🙂 Not to mention dancing to the beat of the happy songs! To let you see the different events that took place in the different parties we went to, here are some of the pictures and a little description of what transpired.

Jiaxing Foreigner Party

Every year, Speedy Tech (IMI-Jiaxing) sends representatives to this event and last year, your papa was chosen to represent the company in this gathering. The picture contains those who were seated with us that night as well as some of the special numbers presented to entertain the guests.

with Filipino band

After dinner, we went to Starbucks to meet with your uncles and aunts then at around 10pm went to a certain hotel to visit a Filipino Band that was playing there. We were the only guests that night so we had a nice time jammin’ with our Kababayans (fellow Filipinos) who were very glad we visited them.


IMI Jiaxing Party

This would’ve been an ordinary Christmas party if not for your “guts” 🙂 You wanted so much to sing on stage but you weren’t part of the program. So I asked you if you would like to follow the Chinese who went up the stage and gave flowers or balloons to the ladies. You immediately said YES… You went up not only once but twice! That girl you gave the balloon to won 1st runner up in the singing contest 🙂 The other photos are with your papa’s bosses and our housemates auntie Cathy and uncle Jon.

Jiaxing Family Christmas Party

This is the most memorable Christmas party of all… We all did our best to make this Christmas especially memorable for you. We had several games and we all had a good laugh, however, when we finished playing the balloon bursting, we were all surprised to see you sweeping the floor! And you complained that the floor was verydirty! Hihi… that’s what you get for spending too much time with your mom ;o) After the games we surprised you with gifts and papa becoming Santa Papa standing beside our Christmas “tree” (it’s not really a tree). And look at you opening your gifts! I’m sure the picture shows how much fun we had this evening.

There you have it son… Amidst all the fun and the laughter, we have always made you aware that Christmas is a special time for showing the ones we love how much we love them because that LOVE is the very reason Jesus came. He loves us that’s why there is Christmas 🙂 Wherever you may be – China, Philippines or anywhere God will lead you someday, you can celebrate Christmas knowing that the reason for this season is CHRIST.

I love you my spider boy (well at least for today that’s who you pretend to be 🙂



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Singko De Noviembre

Dear Meimei,

Today is a special day (holiday for the Philippines) because it’s Singko De Noviembre. But to me, this day is special because it’s been a month since your PSARP surgery. I can’t thank God enough for a successful operation. So let me give you a picture of YOU today.

You woke up at around 8am and as always, was excited for your bottomless mama’s milk 🙂 Then your ahia EJ and I went out for our breakfast. After my breakfast I gave you a bath. After bath time was time for our dilation. You are currently transitioning from a size 9 to a size 10 Hegar Dilator. 3 of us did it – Manang Salvie (holding your legs), Yaya Angel (holding your upper body) and Moi (dilating). You were so strong and we really had a hard time. You cried angrily (who wouldn’t?!!) but we still had to do it. When we finished I kept telling you that each time it’s done, it brings us 1 day closer to your final moment so it’s actually a good thing even if it was painful. But because you already know how to “complain”, you kept on bubbling words that I hope I understood. But a few minutes after bubbling you were back to your smiling self. I gave you back to yaya Angel as I prepared your lunch. OH, you had a lot! 3 tsp of chicken and vegetable cereal, 2 tsp  brown rice, 5 tsp pear – all pureed. 30 minutes after you cried for milk but I had to let you wait at least an hour because I knew your tummy was still full. But your all time high was your dinner – 3 tsp oats and prune cereal, 2 tsp cabbage, 2 tsp apple and 5 tsp pear. I guess you require a lot because you’re growing really fast. You weigh 10Kilos and you’re 70cms long.

10 kilos and 70cms

Look at you girl! See those arms and legs??? You’re actually doing your leg exercise here so that shows that your operation healed really well. You don’t really move as much as your achi Dindin so I make sure you do your “exercise” at least 3x a day to keep you fit! 😀 But don’t worry, your papa always remind me that when you reach 2 years old you’ll begin with your DIET! And eventually will engage into sports to keep your figure like your mom (wink) 🙂 Your papa and I met when we were elementary at one of the table tennis tournaments, from then on he had a crush on me! Hahaha… But he won’t admit it (giggling). I’ll tell you our love story when you’re old enough to understand 🙂

That’s about it… Oh, you have a little colds due to the terrible climate – super hot and humid and rainy. Crazy weather! But it’s ok, it’s almost over.

I love you my little sweetheart… God Bless you always and forever.




When your papa and I were chatting, he skyped me this:

[11/5/2009 ] *LANGGA KO*: i miss her very much. i miss being there…

and here’s what I skyped him:

[11/5/2009 ] Maricar: i’m sure everytime it’s papa’s time she feels your love for her 🙂


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