It Is Finished! – Colostomy Closure

Dear Meimei,

Last February 15, 2010 at 7:30am at the Riverside Medical Center you went through with your 3rd and final operation – Colostomy Closure. Just like you PSARP, I am blogging about it to give you and our loved ones a glimpse of what took place at the hospital. So read on sweety…

February 12 at 6pm we were already in the hospital and it was a painless day because we were just there to make sure we have the room reserved. You were so amazed at this “new place” and with no idea what will happen in the days ahead… Today you started with your liquid only diet in preparation for your OR.

Before Operation

February 13 – 14 Dr. Mic did your irrigation as part of the pre-op preparations. You also had theblood tests, skin test and IV insertions on the 14th… Each time you cried but the moment I hugged you, almost on the spot you stopped crying. Baby, I pray that when you grow up, my hugs can still give you this much comfort and security…

Here we are after the IV insertion… I was trying to explain to you that you’re not supposed to touch it because you need it for your medicines. It worked! Your IV remained wedged until our last day at the hospital. Ooops, we spent Chinese New Year and Valentines Day inside those 4 walls  🙂

after IV insertion

February 15 This is your OR day… we woke up around 530am because they had to do a final irrigation before the surgery. This is also your Day 1 without food nor liquid including water. At 7am your papa and I brought you to the operating room and at 730am, just like in your PSARP, Doc Banlaoi injected your anesthesia and you know what happened next… But just a couple of minutes before that, you showed your papa a very warm smile as if telling him not to worry 🙂 We have prayed for you so we trusted God to take care of you…

Here you are in the recovery room after the colostomy closure:


at the Recovery Room

You went out of the operating room wide awake! It’s either the anesthesia was weak or you were so strong… But I didn’t really care as long as we saw you, your papa took a video and I got you from Doc Banlaoi. You looked a lot better than the PSARP. I needed to put you back to sleep so you can continue to rest.

You had NGT, IV and the heart monitor attached to you. However, you were able to push your NGT out while in the recovery room so Doc Mic adviced the nurses not to return it but we were under strict observation for any signs of vomiting or enlarged stomach.

Papa watching over you

Here’s a very significant picture taken at 6:47pm Feb. 15 – you had your smile back 🙂 Thank you Lord!

smiling again

February 16 Happy 10th month Meimei girl! Indeed this was a joyful day because you had your first fart!!! And because of that Doc Mic assured that you won’t be needing the NGT anymore! You’re wearing the gown that yaya Angel made just for you…

It’s your 2nd day without food and still looking good! 🙂

Feb. 16 - 10 months 1st fart

February 17 This is your 3rd day without food and look at you… busy andhappy 🙂  Pedicure with mama, playtime with papa, playing in the crib and still smiling! After that smiling picture comes your poop! The most expensive and the most awaited pooopie in all the world! 🙂 Thank You Lord!

3rd day

February 18 Fourth day without food and look at you! Very very hungry and caught in the act 🙂 A-ma stayed with you for 2 nights (17 and 18) because you wanted so much to eat me but since you can’t (you tried eating me neck and shoulders), but here’s a new menu that looks really yummy…

very hungry - 4th day no food nor drink

February 19 Fifth day without food and your neck is beginning to show but still looking pretty huh? A-ma and yayastayed with you last night so before going to your ahia’s awarding (this is the 1st time for papa to pin ahia’a ribbons on stage), i took a peek to see how you’re doing. I am so glad that Praise Baby Collection has videos that you really love! Your ahia loved them too when he was your age 🙂

5th day without food

February 20 6th day without food but oh girl, early in the morning we played and it brought tears to my eyes when you SMILED! I knew you were soooo weak but to when you smiled, it assured me as if telling me, “MA, I’M STILL GOOD, don’t worry I can eat soooon”  🙂 You did eat at about 10am. Tito Doc allowed 2oz every 3hrs and slowly increased by 1oz after 3 feedings. You were soooo furious when you finished your 1st 2oz cause it’s “kulang”!!! who wouldn’t?!!! hihi…

6th day no food - still smiling

1st drink after OR - Mama's milk

February 21 This is the day that the Lord has made – went out of the hospital to live that new life! Thank you Lord for your healing, comfort, joy,  provision andall the people who prayed with us and encouraged us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY… It is finished, goodbye colostomy!!! 🙂

time to go home

GO Meimei and continue to live that life the good Lord has destined you to live. ELIZABETH JOY – God’s Promise of  Joy…

I love you plangging.




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4 responses to “It Is Finished! – Colostomy Closure

  1. EJ's mom

    Amen to that papa 🙂

  2. Lucy Luo

    Great parents!happy Meimei. Good luck to u!Good news for us!

  3. Papa

    To my pretty baby, Meimei,

    There are still a lot of questions going through a lot of people’s mind as to why you have to go through this. Others think it was a pity, but I saw it as an awesome manifestation of God’s provision. Some find it troublesome, but how else could I’ve spent more time with you before you join me here in China.

    You see, in life, we don’t see what’s going to happen. But the mere thought of a Higher Being watching over us gives us the assurance that we will all be fine. One day you will realize what an Awesome Heavenly Father we have just by reading all the letters posted here by your Mama. My prayer is not for you to live a normal life, but to live more than the basics of life. May God’s love, grace, and mercy follow you throughout the rest of your life.

    And for the record, your Ahia EJ never doubted in God’s power to heal you. From before your operation to your first poopie, you were in his prayers.

    Stay Strong Baby! We love you very much.


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