Birthday Pictorial

Dear Meimei,

This is my first time to join PINK FRIDAYs and for my 1st entry, I’m posting your pictorial when you turned 2 years old… I would want to expose you to other colors, specifically purple (as it is my favorite color), but then, most baby girl stuff given to you and on sale are all in PINK! So right now, your favorite color is also pink 😀 Whatever color you like is fine with me because I think as long as you wear that pretty smile on your face, you’ll always look beautiful sweetypie 🙂 Together with this pink dress, you also had green bunny costume and your floral dress for our family picture. But since it’s PINK FRIDAY entry, I’ll just post you in your pink dress in this letter.  You look lovely my dear.

Your papa and I started this traditional studio pictorial when your ahia turned 2 years old here in China.  We always start with the family photo followed by the costumes pictorial.  We hope to go on with this for as long as we have the resources to do so. When you’re all grown, you can look back and see how your faces have changed over the years.  You can also follow this when you both have your little ones as well. 🙂



my fave pic



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17 responses to “Birthday Pictorial

  1. Every year day before Matthew’s birthday I start to write a letter, and finish on his birthday. A letter outlining how Matthew enjoyed his life in the past 12 months. I started this tradition on my photo blog My Only Photo.

  2. she’s lovely…beautiful pictures! she knows how to pose, very smart little princess! happy mother’s day!

  3. ka cute! 😀 wala man gid ko plan paubra tshirts a. para lang to sa task haha kamahal!

  4. She’s lovely! Here’s my PF entry . Hope you can drop by my site and join Messy Go Round too. Thanks and see you around.

  5. she’s so cute!!!
    please see my Pink entry! thanks!

  6. Ahh… what a cutiepie! She deserves a grand pictorial! 🙂

    It’s my first time joing PF and I have PINKS’ hop at the Korean Memorial War Park entry. Hope to see you!

  7. She’s so pretty. I have an EJ too but he is a boy hehehe..

    My Pink, happy mother’s day!

  8. she is so cute; love all her pink stuffs :-)!

  9. so cute and i like that kind of pink.. Your little girl poses very well… Like mommy for sure..

    Mine is up too…

  10. wow..ang cute naman..and what a lovely letter;)
    my pink is up too..see you there!

  11. it’s also my first time to join Pink Fridays…

    Your baby is so darling… she’s pretty in pink..

    care to visit my entry?

  12. This one is so touching, i think my first time here in your site .. Your daughter looks so lovely. Happy PF!

  13. wow, she looks so beautiful in that pink dress! i can see why the second one is your fave photo… she is such a darling! mine is here

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