Daring and Sweet

Dear Meimei,

Your papa and I have always seen you as both a daring and a sweet little girl.  Even your Ama and Angkong who were only here for three weeks were so amazed by your no fear attempts to perform several tasks that were presented to you.  And of course, your sweetness melted their hearts.  It melts ours every passing day sweetie.


We realized that your DARING trait could have come from your 1st 7 days spent in the hospital, which were hourly dose of injections due to tests and medication. And of course,  you bravely faced your 3 major surgeries in the 1st 10 months of your life.  Thank God for his protection that was ever available… Because of those experiences, we believe it made your brave enough to face life.  Facing those kinds of pain at a very tender age made you aware that life isn’t easy and you really had to fight to survive.  You are a fighter my dear.


Now for the SWEET side of you… Aside from the fact that you’ve learned from the sweetest mom (ehem, ehem), I believe it’s also because of the love and care you’ve received from people like Ama, Angkong and other family and friends who showered you with so much.  Although we miss most of them now that we’re far away from them, God has provided us with friends who have helped us shower you and your ahia love and affection.


You like it very much when you ahia popo’s you… Then he’ll end up saying, ” You’re so heavy Mei.”

with ate Asley

That’s ate Asley, she’s 11… They only came here to visit but you both had a wonderful time when we went shopping.  She carried you and played with you so I can fit my clothes 🙂  She got really tired that even if she doesn’t take afternoon naps, she did that day! 🙂

So there you go my little one… I pray that you’ll always remain to be brave (daring) and sweet as you grow one day at a time.

I love you sweetheart!





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9 responses to “Daring and Sweet

  1. She’s a climber for sure!

  2. she’s so cutie and adorable. visiting from pf:) good day!

  3. Shy

    Such a sweet words from a mother. I remember too when my baby girl was only 2 days old she struggle with some problem and they need to take some blood test which they done through her head. Seeing her crying and blood on her head made my heart breaks and I cant sleep at night and only thinking of my baby if she gonna be fine, And thanks she fight all those trial in her life in a young age.And now she is 2 months old and getting cuttier each day 🙂

  4. wow, what a lovely letter…she looks having so much fun! visiting late from PF, sorry! have a great week!

  5. haha isog2 meimei! 😀

  6. Hello! wow! katakot pero okay lang yan..stage of learning si baby cutie..
    super cute specially the one na binuhat sya ni Kuya..

  7. Oh so cute…happy PF! Mine is up.

  8. Ni hao ma? Haha, sis my husband is half-Sing but I never bothered to learn Mandarin or any other of his languages. I enjoyed reading this letter, full of love for her…

    P.S. should I be able to visit China I’ll let you know and I’d bring you dresses, trade tayo! ^_^

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