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EJ’s Pre-School Life

Dear Elisha,

The first time we went to China was when you were 23 months and by the time you reached 2 years old, you were already in school. Kid Castle was your very first school which taught English to local Chinese kids. I put you there so that you can adjust to a Chinese school environment and yet when you go looking for “Mama” in English, your teachers can attend to you because they understand you. You were only there for the summer and when September 2007 came, Chinese school year opened and you were enrolled in our village’s kindergarten, Jindu Kindergarten. In both schools, you cried very hard each time I left you with your teachers for the first few weeks. I cried too son. It was heart breaking for me to leave you in your teacher’s care, however, it was something that needed to be done. Sometimes I would watch you from afar and pray to God to keep you safe… I’d ask your teachers how you did and they’d say, at the beginning, you didn’t mingle much with your classmates because you didn’t know their language so you always chatted with your teachers because they know a little English. But after a few months, you blended just fine and would even fight with the local kids- in full Chinese language. That made me see how fast you learned Chinese. It wasn’t perfect yet, according to your papa, but you already expressed yourself well. I even made you interpreter at times!

Jindu Kindergarten

February 2009 came and we had to go back to our hometown, Bacolod City, because I was about to give birth to your sister. You attended The School for Creative Beginners. They still accepted you even if it was almost the end of the school year because when they assessed your skills, you were advanced. I love that school. I taught there for a few months back in 2002 and I learned a lot about Multiple Intelligence so I made sure you enrolled there. You would ask your teachers questions like: “Why are you so fat?” haha! You didn’t know how to speak Ilonggo then so your questions sounded funny and cute because of your accent.

with SCB teachers

June 2009 came and we decided to enroll you in Trinity Christian School because your papa, along with the many LO’s, graduated in that school. They had Chinese classes but it was in Fookien and not the Chinese that you knew which was Mandarin. At age 4, you were supposed to be in the Nursery class, however, when you were assessed by teachers Greace and Edna, your level was already for the Kinder 1 level and they even told me that if not for the Filipino class, they can put you to join Kinder 2. Throughout the school year your Ama Mary was your ever faithful tutor for Chinese and your lovely mom for English (ehm!). You had several academic awards in both subjects for each quarter and up until the school ended in March 2010. You made us so proud EJ…

1st day of school

Now we’re back in China and you have several languages with you – English, Ilonggo, a little Fookien and trying hard Filipino and Bisaya. But at first I was bothered because you almost totally forgot your Chinese (Mandarin) and you refused to learn when somebody taught you. I didn’t push you to learn it though but what I did, I showed you the advantages of speaking the language. Almost every night before we sleep, we would talk about it. But the bottomline is, you want to be like your papa who can speak English, Chinese and Filipino. I think you understood pretty well so when your tutor, teacher Sunshine, taught you, you responded well. Actually now as I’m writing this, you have your tutorial class with her. I would use the PSP as a reward if you can recite your Chinese words well when your papa comes home.  That motivated you to memorize as much words as you can because the more you learn, the more time you have to play!

with Jindu classmates and teacher

But of all the schools you’ve been to, your favorite is homeschool with your fantastic teacher – your mom. Is that me? 😀 haha… Yes son, I am so happy to tell you that you always say your favorite class is your class with me. Now that you’re 5 years old, I continue to be your teacher… And I will always be your teacher as long as God permits me and as long as you allow me to do so.

I love you EJ and I’m very proud of you!



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Dear Elisha,

I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes because as I look at you while you’re sound asleep, I realize that you are still a “baby”, but sometimes, I forget that and expect you to act like an adult. You’re only 4 years old and 8 months to be exact and even if at  times you DO talk like a grown  up, you’re still just a little boy who wants to run and play…

Today you received several awards namely: GOLD in Chinese with Best in Math, Best in Language, Best in Social Studies and Best in Bible. SILVER in English with Best in English award. In the past, it was your A-ma who gave you your Chinese ribbons and I gave your English ribbons. But today it was I and Angkong who were there…  As I looked at you on stage, I saw not really much of the medals and the ribbons, but rather an award winning kid who’s happy and confident. Your classmates are at least a year older than you but you have made your way to be on top. Son, I am proud of what you have achieved academically, but I am more proud because you are growing to be happy, confident, obedient and loving to your sister.  As what Ms. Uy (your school principal) mentioned in her speech, good grades isn’t an assurance that a child will turn out to be honest, obedient or knowing God. I absolutely agree. Character formation is of utmost importance… So as early as now, you should know that though I am happy you had all those awards, I am happier because you love to learn, you are kind, generous, you know how to pray for others and most of all, you are fully aware that God loves you.

Kinder 1 Graduation

Here are some of the things you do that makes mama so proud of you EJ 😀


You know how to sweep and wipe the floor. You sometimes help in fixing the bed. You can pack away your toys after playing (with a little bit of reminder sometimes). You prepare the “arinola” almost every night. You can take care of Meimei and you get angry when someone wants to get her (kinda like a big brother who will protect her sister!). You follow deals and as what your tita doc said, you have a very nice temperament, very easy to discipline. Sometimes (like right now) you just give me hugs, kisses and tell me “I Love You Mom”. That really makes me happy son…

There are times that I have to repeat and repeat and repeat before you hear me… But that makes you normal. hihi… I’ll write about them some other time. You keep on asking me to sleep already so I’ll listen 😀 I’ll end my letter here and let you read this tomorrow when you wake.. This is a very fresh deal made just now.

I love you and to me, you’re an “A+++++” son. That’s your mama award. Hmmm… I wonder what’s your papa award will be.




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EJ’s Accident

Dear Elisha,

It’s been 3 days since your accident – you hit your head on the edge of the of the bench while you were playing with your classmates which resulted to an injury on your left eyebrow and swelling on the left side of your face. I keep recallingthe scene where the lady guard (Manang Josie) was carrying you and running from the preschool department all the way to the clinic… I keep hearing your excruciating cry… I keep seeing the blood that covered your face and your uniform when I finally confirmed that it was you Manang Josie brought to the clinic… I keep seeing the the time 4:02pm in the car as I parked outside your school because seconds after that, the accident happened… I keep wondering if arriving earlier would’ve prevented the accident…I keep feeling how your body trembled when nurse Marizet was cleaning your wound, teacher Glazeus was removing the blood in the other parts of your body and I was hugging you and telling you that it’s ok and you’ll be fine. At that time, all that mattered to me was finding a way to make you feel better and secure so I asked you to stop crying so that the blood would stop flowing, and you did. I asked you if you wanted to eat fishballs and you said yes. On and on we talked and in a little while, you were already smiling! “You’re so brave EJ” kept coming out of my mouth and indeed you are… How wonderful it felt when inspite the pain I saw you smile. I took a picture so you’ll always remember that day (September 16, 2009) as a BRAVE DAY, so here you are after the dressing:

at the clinic

While the nurse was filling out the insurance form, I left you with your Koko Gigi (who carried you the whole time even until we went to the hospital for a check-up) and went to the preschool to interview the lady guard on what happened and of course, to take pictures. I want you to see these things when you’re grown up and remember them not as a painful experience but as one where courage and joy overshadowed fear.

the bench with EJ's blood

I’ll end this blog with these words to you my son… You were truly brave that day, very very brave. And as I told you, inspite the accident, I still thank God that it was only your eyebrows that got damaged, not your eyes or other critical parts that may have cause your life. I still say, THANK YOU LORD FOR PROTECTING MY SON… Someday you’ll face more challenges but with the Lord’s hand upon you, you’ll be well, He’ll take care of you – that I am certain.

Here’s the picture of the people who helped took care of you immediately after the accident, except Siansi Glazeus – he already left when I took this picture.

THANK YOU so much!

I love you Elisha…






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