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Teachable Two

Dear Meimei,

Yippe! You’re officially in the “tiny tot” age! And what does that mean?  Some people describe it as a terrible two stage, and there’s even a website labeled terribletwos! But that’s not how I look at you sweety pie.  Even with your ahia, I can honestly say he was never terrible as what those websites declare.  It was even a big time for him to adjust because we moved to China when he was 23 months… yet in spite the new environment, your papa and I didn’t have problems with him.  Yes we did have difficult times, but hey, even us adults have those days we don’t feel good and we just want to be ourselves or even do “not so nice things”, but that doesn’t mean we’re TERRIBLE…  So when you become a mom someday, never label your kids terrible two ok?  It’s a matter of perspective and the more we believe in the best in our kids, the more we’ll be amazed at how wonderful they could really become at this stage.

According to Erik Erikson, this is the WILL stage wherein you learn to develop wither Autonomy – a sense of being able to handle many problems on your own, or Shame and Doubt if your caregiver, (of course it’s me and papa) refuse to let you perform tasks of which you are capable, or ridicule your early attempts at self-sufficiency.

Cooking Soup 022311

Your pa and I allow you certain limits but in areas where we know you can handle, we give you freedom to try to do it, no matter how many times you have to try, we patiently wait until you get it done right. 🙂

You are very teachable plangging.  The day we went home from your hospitalization on your 3rd surgery which was the colostomy closure, you immediately pooped in the toilet bowl! You were only 10 months and now at age 2, you are 85% toilet trained.  Considering that you’re an IMPERFORATE ANUS baby, this is a miracle because many articles say that kids like you can be expected to be “delayed” in toilet training. For the record, you sat on the toilet seat earlier than your ahia did! 🙂

first time 022210

At 1 year and 3 months you already knew how to blow your nose!  I just showed you how it’s done then you did it on your own.  The older you get, the more teachable you become.  A few months back I started teaching you how to beat the egg and your ahia how to break it.  So now every time we cook and there’s egg, ahia breaks it and you beat it!

beating egg 030811

Given a paint and a brush, you can paint on your own.  Given paper and pen, you can draw on your own.  Given toys, you can also play on your own.  However, there are still times (of course) that you say, “MAMA TEACH ME PLEASE.”  I know you just want to spend more time with me, or I guess, you like the tickle time which is usually part of our play time. 🙂  You also like to read and study. I can go on and on with the list, but I won’t.  You’ll discover them from time to time as I continue to write these letters my dear.

My prayer for you little one is that in the coming days, months and even years, you will be more and more hungry to learn new things, in every area of your life.  Every minute with you is a teaching moment.  I think the only time we stop learning is when we’re sleeping, haha.  But more than anything else, it is my heart’s desire that you and your ahia learn and hunger for God’s presence in your lives, that’s why worship and prayer in each day are never absent.  Every morning, we start the day with watching worship videos, we sing and dance as we worship, and we end the night with prayer.  You already know how to worship God and have memorized our bedtime prayer since you were 16 months. Right now you can declare healing upon family members who are sick and even declare healing upon yourself by saying: BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS I AM HEALED!

I will be forever grateful to God for giving you to us, you are a MIRACLE sweetheart.  Each time we see you, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness, provision, healing, love, joy and many more.  You are a living reminder to your papa and me that God’s goodness will follow us all the days of our lives.

Happy 2nd birthday Meimei… You are indeed, God’s promise of JOY.

I love you.


eating your birthday spaghetti



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Dear Meimei,

A year ago, April 16, 2009 at 4:44pm I heard your very first cry… I welcomed you to this world by saying these words the very first time I saw you: KAY JOEY GYAPUN ILONG!!! (Still Joey’s Nose!!!)  🙂 When you’re old enough to read this, just ask me or your papa WHY those where my first words when I saw you for the very first time! (ahihihihi)

A few hours later your tita Doc Tett went inside my room and told me that you were healthy except for a small problem… that you had imperforate anus. A lot of my friends asked me what was my first reaction and probably you’ll also wonder when you grow up… I didn’t cry nor did I panic. All I asked was, “So what’s the solution?” Tita Doc then discussed words like you may need colostomy and many other things which were foreign to me but somehow, I knew it was serious. When tita Doc left, the very first thought that encouraged me was the meaning of your name: “Elizabeth Joy” – God’s promise of Joy. Deep in my heart I was assured that no matter what that birth defect meant, you will live a life filled with JOY because that’s who you are and that’s what you’re destined to be, someone who’s JOY will overflow. The 2nd thought that made my heart secure was Psalms 139 where it says that God formed you and He knows everything about you. To me that means God knew that you had that imperfection even before the doctors knew about it. Knowing that He is in control and believing He knows what He’s doing, my heart was in peace. The 3rd thing that God used to assure me that everything has been planned was the song SOMETIMES HE COMES IN THE CLOUDS. Indeed, sometimes our faith can only grow when we can’t see… so sometimes HE comes in the clouds.

a day old with tears in your eyes

April 18th came and your papa flew from China so we can pray for you before you went through with the colostomy. A pastor friend by the name of Ptr. Roger came and prayed with us. In his prayer he said, “Every good and perfect gift is from above so baby Elizabeth is good and is perfect for Joey and Maricar. She may not be perfect for others but she is perfect for this couple.” That prayer made me realize that YES, you are what we needed at this point of our lives because something in us needed to grow and mature as children of God… because He is molding us for His purpose.

papa praying before your surgery

Your papa told me that his heart broke seeing you in that condition, mine did too… Especially when I held you in my arms and saw multiple dots pierced by the needles because every 3 hrs the nurses had to check your sugar level. It was one of those times I wished I were the one in pain and not you. But through it all, through all those 3 operations, you bravely survive, never gave up and never lost your SMILE. You are very brave my darling…

Now it’s your 1st birthday already and look at you! Growing beautifully in the arms of people who love and care for you. Yes, a lot of people love you Meimei and I am grateful to each of them for helping me raise such a happy, contented and chubby princess 🙂 I can’t say that you are a toddler already because everything I see in you is still a baby, except when it comes to eating! Hihihi… But no need to hurry sweety, allow your papa to enjoy your babyhood. It’s fine if you stay there for a few more months 🙂 Papa would want more time to “popo” (carry) you. Just continue to sing your lovely songs because it brightens everyones day. Mama will give you more time to swim because that is your most favorite thing to do now. Seeing water makes you jump for joy and makes you want to dive in!

swimming at Palmas Del Mar

You see Meimei, God brought you into our lives for a bigger reason that just for us to have a daughter. You have changed our lives for the better. God will use us to comfort others the way HE has comforted us… The day you were born was the day colorkiddos was planted in my heart. And after a year, I’ve finally given birth! THIS is why God allowed us to have you my COLORKIDDO!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY COLORKIDDO! To God be the glory for the things HE has done and will do IN you and THROUGH you.




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It Is Finished! – Colostomy Closure

Dear Meimei,

Last February 15, 2010 at 7:30am at the Riverside Medical Center you went through with your 3rd and final operation – Colostomy Closure. Just like you PSARP, I am blogging about it to give you and our loved ones a glimpse of what took place at the hospital. So read on sweety…

February 12 at 6pm we were already in the hospital and it was a painless day because we were just there to make sure we have the room reserved. You were so amazed at this “new place” and with no idea what will happen in the days ahead… Today you started with your liquid only diet in preparation for your OR.

Before Operation

February 13 – 14 Dr. Mic did your irrigation as part of the pre-op preparations. You also had theblood tests, skin test and IV insertions on the 14th… Each time you cried but the moment I hugged you, almost on the spot you stopped crying. Baby, I pray that when you grow up, my hugs can still give you this much comfort and security…

Here we are after the IV insertion… I was trying to explain to you that you’re not supposed to touch it because you need it for your medicines. It worked! Your IV remained wedged until our last day at the hospital. Ooops, we spent Chinese New Year and Valentines Day inside those 4 walls  🙂

after IV insertion

February 15 This is your OR day… we woke up around 530am because they had to do a final irrigation before the surgery. This is also your Day 1 without food nor liquid including water. At 7am your papa and I brought you to the operating room and at 730am, just like in your PSARP, Doc Banlaoi injected your anesthesia and you know what happened next… But just a couple of minutes before that, you showed your papa a very warm smile as if telling him not to worry 🙂 We have prayed for you so we trusted God to take care of you…

Here you are in the recovery room after the colostomy closure:


at the Recovery Room

You went out of the operating room wide awake! It’s either the anesthesia was weak or you were so strong… But I didn’t really care as long as we saw you, your papa took a video and I got you from Doc Banlaoi. You looked a lot better than the PSARP. I needed to put you back to sleep so you can continue to rest.

You had NGT, IV and the heart monitor attached to you. However, you were able to push your NGT out while in the recovery room so Doc Mic adviced the nurses not to return it but we were under strict observation for any signs of vomiting or enlarged stomach.

Papa watching over you

Here’s a very significant picture taken at 6:47pm Feb. 15 – you had your smile back 🙂 Thank you Lord!

smiling again

February 16 Happy 10th month Meimei girl! Indeed this was a joyful day because you had your first fart!!! And because of that Doc Mic assured that you won’t be needing the NGT anymore! You’re wearing the gown that yaya Angel made just for you…

It’s your 2nd day without food and still looking good! 🙂

Feb. 16 - 10 months 1st fart

February 17 This is your 3rd day without food and look at you… busy andhappy 🙂  Pedicure with mama, playtime with papa, playing in the crib and still smiling! After that smiling picture comes your poop! The most expensive and the most awaited pooopie in all the world! 🙂 Thank You Lord!

3rd day

February 18 Fourth day without food and look at you! Very very hungry and caught in the act 🙂 A-ma stayed with you for 2 nights (17 and 18) because you wanted so much to eat me but since you can’t (you tried eating me neck and shoulders), but here’s a new menu that looks really yummy…

very hungry - 4th day no food nor drink

February 19 Fifth day without food and your neck is beginning to show but still looking pretty huh? A-ma and yayastayed with you last night so before going to your ahia’s awarding (this is the 1st time for papa to pin ahia’a ribbons on stage), i took a peek to see how you’re doing. I am so glad that Praise Baby Collection has videos that you really love! Your ahia loved them too when he was your age 🙂

5th day without food

February 20 6th day without food but oh girl, early in the morning we played and it brought tears to my eyes when you SMILED! I knew you were soooo weak but to when you smiled, it assured me as if telling me, “MA, I’M STILL GOOD, don’t worry I can eat soooon”  🙂 You did eat at about 10am. Tito Doc allowed 2oz every 3hrs and slowly increased by 1oz after 3 feedings. You were soooo furious when you finished your 1st 2oz cause it’s “kulang”!!! who wouldn’t?!!! hihi…

6th day no food - still smiling

1st drink after OR - Mama's milk

February 21 This is the day that the Lord has made – went out of the hospital to live that new life! Thank you Lord for your healing, comfort, joy,  provision andall the people who prayed with us and encouraged us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY… It is finished, goodbye colostomy!!! 🙂

time to go home

GO Meimei and continue to live that life the good Lord has destined you to live. ELIZABETH JOY – God’s Promise of  Joy…

I love you plangging.



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Singko De Noviembre

Dear Meimei,

Today is a special day (holiday for the Philippines) because it’s Singko De Noviembre. But to me, this day is special because it’s been a month since your PSARP surgery. I can’t thank God enough for a successful operation. So let me give you a picture of YOU today.

You woke up at around 8am and as always, was excited for your bottomless mama’s milk 🙂 Then your ahia EJ and I went out for our breakfast. After my breakfast I gave you a bath. After bath time was time for our dilation. You are currently transitioning from a size 9 to a size 10 Hegar Dilator. 3 of us did it – Manang Salvie (holding your legs), Yaya Angel (holding your upper body) and Moi (dilating). You were so strong and we really had a hard time. You cried angrily (who wouldn’t?!!) but we still had to do it. When we finished I kept telling you that each time it’s done, it brings us 1 day closer to your final moment so it’s actually a good thing even if it was painful. But because you already know how to “complain”, you kept on bubbling words that I hope I understood. But a few minutes after bubbling you were back to your smiling self. I gave you back to yaya Angel as I prepared your lunch. OH, you had a lot! 3 tsp of chicken and vegetable cereal, 2 tsp  brown rice, 5 tsp pear – all pureed. 30 minutes after you cried for milk but I had to let you wait at least an hour because I knew your tummy was still full. But your all time high was your dinner – 3 tsp oats and prune cereal, 2 tsp cabbage, 2 tsp apple and 5 tsp pear. I guess you require a lot because you’re growing really fast. You weigh 10Kilos and you’re 70cms long.

10 kilos and 70cms

Look at you girl! See those arms and legs??? You’re actually doing your leg exercise here so that shows that your operation healed really well. You don’t really move as much as your achi Dindin so I make sure you do your “exercise” at least 3x a day to keep you fit! 😀 But don’t worry, your papa always remind me that when you reach 2 years old you’ll begin with your DIET! And eventually will engage into sports to keep your figure like your mom (wink) 🙂 Your papa and I met when we were elementary at one of the table tennis tournaments, from then on he had a crush on me! Hahaha… But he won’t admit it (giggling). I’ll tell you our love story when you’re old enough to understand 🙂

That’s about it… Oh, you have a little colds due to the terrible climate – super hot and humid and rainy. Crazy weather! But it’s ok, it’s almost over.

I love you my little sweetheart… God Bless you always and forever.




When your papa and I were chatting, he skyped me this:

[11/5/2009 ] *LANGGA KO*: i miss her very much. i miss being there…

and here’s what I skyped him:

[11/5/2009 ] Maricar: i’m sure everytime it’s papa’s time she feels your love for her 🙂


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2 Out of 3 – PSARP

Dear Meimei,

Last October 5, 2009 at 7:30am at the Riverside Medical Center you went through with your 2nd operation – the PSARP (Posterior Sagittal AnoRectoPlasty – the surgery required to create an anus). To give you and our loved ones a glimpse of what took place at the hospital I decided to blog about it. So read on darling…

October 4 at 3pm we were already in the hospital because there were laboratory tests performed. You were tortured 3 times:

(1) blood sample for blood typing and other tests

(2) skin test for the antibiotic that was used for your IV

(3) IV – your pediatrician, Dra. Geolingo decided to have your IV that night because your potassium content was 1 point lower than the specification so it needed to be corrected prior to surgery

Of course you cried really loud 3 times also and there was even that look in your eyes as if begging me to help you… But baby, all I did was hold you tight and told you you’ll be fine. In spite the pain all those injections caused you, you still remained to be a happy baby before bedtime.

before PSARP

October 5 at 6:30am your papa and I brought you to the operating room. The nurses and the doctors thought you were adorable. They played with you and you showed them your infectious smile 😀 while we were waiting for Doc Mic and Doc Banlaoi. At exactly 7:30am Doc Banlaoi injected the anesthesia into your IV and immediately, 10 seconds to be exact, you fell asleep. You went inside the OR while your papa and I went back to our room and slept. We have prayed for you so we trusted God to take care of you… Here you are in the recovery room after the PSARP:

in the recovery room

You had oxygen, lamp, catheter, IV and the heart monitor all attached to you. You were still under the power of the anesthesia so you were sound asleep. We stayed there for 2 hours and then up to our room. You remained asleep until past 6pm. You only woke up for your milk then back to sleep again the whole night.

October 6 came and you were still a bit groggy but you were back to your drink all you can mode ;D Your papa was carrying you when he noticed your IV was dislodged so we asked the nurse to remove it. The blessing was that day, your doctors decided to shift to oral antibiotics instead of re-inserting the IV… yehey!!! Here’s you and your smiling face ;D Oh by the way, your last dose of pain killer was given 6am this day so at this time (2:22pm) you were on your own. I don’t know how painful it is to have PSARP but from the look on your face, it didn’t matter at all.

dancing with papa

Later that night I slowly let you sit down to see if you can tolerate the pain and you did!!! You’re a fighter meimei and I thank God for that.

trying to sit down

October 7 came and when Doc Mic did your dressing, he decided to remove the catheter as it was partially removed already. So there’s another THANK YOU LORD moment for us, no more “lawit” as what your yaya Angel and I call it.

no more catheter

October 8 morning all your doctors agreed that it’s time to GO HOME because everything went well and you were doing well. So while we were waiting for the billing section for our payables, I had a nice time playing with you. You’re slowly becoming camera conscious so I was tickling you but your concern was the camera ;D

ready to leave

When we left Station 5 the nurses commented that you were such a wonderful, happy and cute patient. They look at you and it seemed nothing happened because you were all smiles and you didn’t lose weight 😀 They wish to see you in your final operation – your colostomy closure.

Someday when life gets so hard, you can be assured that you can make it. God made you a fighter and a joyful woman. God was with you all the way even when things were beyond our control, He’ll never leave you nor forsake you baby…We will be forever grateful to family, friends and even to strangers who prayed for you and helped took care of you. We don’t have to repay them but we can pay forward the kindness that we have received. It is my prayer that God will multiply their joy and add blessing to their lives.

Ooops, for the record… We went to your check up last October 12 and you gained weight. From 9.3Kgs pre-operation to 9.44Kgs post operation. How many people do you know gain weight after surgery??? Again I thank God for that 😀

I love you meimei… You successfully passed 2 out of 3 surgeries, 1 more to go then you’re totally free to have a normal poooo life 😀

October 12, 2009


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Dear Meimei,

As I was holding you this evening, I realized it’s been a 5 months and 6 days since I heard your first cry… I still recall the very first time I saw you in the delivery room when the nurse brought you to me, I blurted out that you had your papa’s nose – which made the nurses smile. After several hours, your pedia, Dra. Tett went to my room and told me that the other parts of your body were all normal except for one thing – you have a birth defect known as imperforate anus. I didn’t cry nor did I feel hopeless. I knew deep down in my heart that God is in control, He cares for you more than I do and that your name, Elizabeth Joy means God’s Promise of JOY – nothing can change that. April 18 your papa came home and you had your first operation – you needed to have a colostomy in order for you to poo.  After a week we went out of the hospital and from then on, we were never apart… Time flies really fast… Two weeks from now you will again have your operation – PSARP. That will be the time Dr. Mic, your surgeon, will make a rectum. The operation will last for about 2-3 hrs and you will stay in the hospital for about 3-5 days. Papa Joey will be home again so we can go through with this as a family – we will pray for you and take care of you together. My heart bleeds when I think of the pain your 2nd operation will cause you, however, I know that you will be one step closer to that day when you can finally be free and live a normal life. So my baby, be strong. I see strength in your eyes… You will not just survive this operation but you will thrive. God’s hand will guide everyone that will be involved in this activity, so I will not fear. Just as I trusted God during your first surgery, I believe for the success of the 2nd one. You’ll be fine baby… And the moment the doctor says we can hold you and you can drink milk, you can drink all you can from mama’s milk 🙂

Today is September 22 and your scheduled surgery will be on October 5. Papa will be home October 1st so you both can still have time to play and we can have our family picture – all of us smiling.

I love you princess Lizzie,


X.S. Below is a picture of you when you were 1 month old and 5 months old using the same dresses. I love your smile baby… And your papa thinks you’re very pretty!



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