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Dear Meimei,

I know this is too early for me to write about this issue but this is something that I want to pass on to you and let you understand as early as now… Hoping that someday, when you’re grown up and finally decide to have a family, this is one principle you will apply from the day you exchange vows ’til the day heaven calls you or your partner home.

We are an OFW family (Overseas Filipino Workers) and with that, we live a different life compared to families who live together. Your Pa and I spend a lot of times apart from each other so it takes extra effort to keep our love for each other alive and keep communication lines open. Most nights, like right now, when you and your ahia are asleep, I make time to chat with your papa. It’s not really like we chat the whole time, sometimes I just send our pictures while he’s working, update him with certain things about our family and friends or if one of us is really tired, we just say goodnight and I love you to each other. Or sometimes during the day, I just go online and have a short chitchat with your papa. That’s DATING ONLINE 😀 Thank God for technology because when properly used, it bridges the thousands of miles apart families like us.

Your Pa comes home every once in a while but each time he’s home, I make sure we go on an ACTUAL DATE. It’s very important for both of us to remember that before we became a family, we were a couple first. As one husband said to his wife, “WE MET EACH OTHER FIRST BEFORE YOU MET THE KIDS” – That’s a husband longing for his wife to be with him like they used to be before the kids arrived. A lot of couples fall into the trap of being so busy that they forget being partners and focus all their time and energy on being parents. That’s when marriages start to shake… We are grateful that family members honor our DATE DAYS and they willingly help your nanny take care of you while we’re out. What do we do? We usually go after lunch –  sometimes do groceries or buy clothes or shoes for your Pa to bring to China. I am your dad’s fashion designer 😀 He buys clothes that I say are nice and rejects those I don’t like and that makes me really feel important knowing that he respects my choices. The highlight is a dinner date – that’s usually where we talk about anything without pressures. It’s a wonderful time for us to listen to each other and remind ourselves that we have a relationship to nurture and not just responsibilities of paying bills and taking care of kids. That’s a time I dedicate for my King 🙂 As you know, I am the Queen, your ahia is the Prince and you’re our Princess. I pray that someday my dear, you’ll do the same… Just like my date with your ahia EJ assures him that he is loves, it does the same to your papa. Through that I assure him that he matters to me and that he is still a priority.

Hopefully when we go back to China mid this year we can bring someone to help us mainly because I want to spend quality time with my King and not not worry about you kids while we have our DATE 🙂

Here are some photos of our date days :o)

Feb. 5, 2008 - Badminton at Po Hang

Dinner at Kristine's Steak House

Oct. 2009 - Mama Maria's Pizza

Jan. 3, 2010 - Watching the sunset at L' Fisher Chalet

Jan. 3, 2010 – Dinner at Louise Restaurant



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