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Dear Elisha,

I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes because as I look at you while you’re sound asleep, I realize that you are still a “baby”, but sometimes, I forget that and expect you to act like an adult. You’re only 4 years old and 8 months to be exact and even if at  times you DO talk like a grown  up, you’re still just a little boy who wants to run and play…

Today you received several awards namely: GOLD in Chinese with Best in Math, Best in Language, Best in Social Studies and Best in Bible. SILVER in English with Best in English award. In the past, it was your A-ma who gave you your Chinese ribbons and I gave your English ribbons. But today it was I and Angkong who were there…  As I looked at you on stage, I saw not really much of the medals and the ribbons, but rather an award winning kid who’s happy and confident. Your classmates are at least a year older than you but you have made your way to be on top. Son, I am proud of what you have achieved academically, but I am more proud because you are growing to be happy, confident, obedient and loving to your sister.  As what Ms. Uy (your school principal) mentioned in her speech, good grades isn’t an assurance that a child will turn out to be honest, obedient or knowing God. I absolutely agree. Character formation is of utmost importance… So as early as now, you should know that though I am happy you had all those awards, I am happier because you love to learn, you are kind, generous, you know how to pray for others and most of all, you are fully aware that God loves you.

Kinder 1 Graduation

Here are some of the things you do that makes mama so proud of you EJ 😀


You know how to sweep and wipe the floor. You sometimes help in fixing the bed. You can pack away your toys after playing (with a little bit of reminder sometimes). You prepare the “arinola” almost every night. You can take care of Meimei and you get angry when someone wants to get her (kinda like a big brother who will protect her sister!). You follow deals and as what your tita doc said, you have a very nice temperament, very easy to discipline. Sometimes (like right now) you just give me hugs, kisses and tell me “I Love You Mom”. That really makes me happy son…

There are times that I have to repeat and repeat and repeat before you hear me… But that makes you normal. hihi… I’ll write about them some other time. You keep on asking me to sleep already so I’ll listen 😀 I’ll end my letter here and let you read this tomorrow when you wake.. This is a very fresh deal made just now.

I love you and to me, you’re an “A+++++” son. That’s your mama award. Hmmm… I wonder what’s your papa award will be.





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Dear Meimei,

I know this is too early for me to write about this issue but this is something that I want to pass on to you and let you understand as early as now… Hoping that someday, when you’re grown up and finally decide to have a family, this is one principle you will apply from the day you exchange vows ’til the day heaven calls you or your partner home.

We are an OFW family (Overseas Filipino Workers) and with that, we live a different life compared to families who live together. Your Pa and I spend a lot of times apart from each other so it takes extra effort to keep our love for each other alive and keep communication lines open. Most nights, like right now, when you and your ahia are asleep, I make time to chat with your papa. It’s not really like we chat the whole time, sometimes I just send our pictures while he’s working, update him with certain things about our family and friends or if one of us is really tired, we just say goodnight and I love you to each other. Or sometimes during the day, I just go online and have a short chitchat with your papa. That’s DATING ONLINE 😀 Thank God for technology because when properly used, it bridges the thousands of miles apart families like us.

Your Pa comes home every once in a while but each time he’s home, I make sure we go on an ACTUAL DATE. It’s very important for both of us to remember that before we became a family, we were a couple first. As one husband said to his wife, “WE MET EACH OTHER FIRST BEFORE YOU MET THE KIDS” – That’s a husband longing for his wife to be with him like they used to be before the kids arrived. A lot of couples fall into the trap of being so busy that they forget being partners and focus all their time and energy on being parents. That’s when marriages start to shake… We are grateful that family members honor our DATE DAYS and they willingly help your nanny take care of you while we’re out. What do we do? We usually go after lunch –  sometimes do groceries or buy clothes or shoes for your Pa to bring to China. I am your dad’s fashion designer 😀 He buys clothes that I say are nice and rejects those I don’t like and that makes me really feel important knowing that he respects my choices. The highlight is a dinner date – that’s usually where we talk about anything without pressures. It’s a wonderful time for us to listen to each other and remind ourselves that we have a relationship to nurture and not just responsibilities of paying bills and taking care of kids. That’s a time I dedicate for my King 🙂 As you know, I am the Queen, your ahia is the Prince and you’re our Princess. I pray that someday my dear, you’ll do the same… Just like my date with your ahia EJ assures him that he is loves, it does the same to your papa. Through that I assure him that he matters to me and that he is still a priority.

Hopefully when we go back to China mid this year we can bring someone to help us mainly because I want to spend quality time with my King and not not worry about you kids while we have our DATE 🙂

Here are some photos of our date days :o)

Feb. 5, 2008 - Badminton at Po Hang

Dinner at Kristine's Steak House

Oct. 2009 - Mama Maria's Pizza

Jan. 3, 2010 - Watching the sunset at L' Fisher Chalet

Jan. 3, 2010 – Dinner at Louise Restaurant



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A 4 Year Old’s Prayer

Dear Elisha,

I’ve been meaning to write you about your prayer times because there had been a lot of instances that you amazed me with your prayers, the ones that you say on your own… Here’s one that’s very fresh that you uttered before you slept this evening (Dec. 2, 2009):

Dear God our Father,

Thank you for blessing our friends and family.

Thank you for our ROCKING CHAIR.

Thank you that tomorrow I can go to school and make my… (you paused and asked me – Mama, what will we make tomorrow in my science class, I forgot – so I had to remind you that you’ll make a clay dough) … my clay dough.

Thank you for blessing others.

In Jesus name, Amen.

I won’t and can’t enumerate everything but just to give you an idea of what you prayed for as a 4 year old boy, read on  🙂

… for Jose Rizal and Ninoy Aquino – that God will bring them back to life so you can see them fly… Well, you thought they’re super heroes so I had a hard time explaining that they’re not!

… for Your papa’s gout to go away and your tita Celyn’s cancer to go away as your prayer before MEALTIME! 🙂

… for the poor family that once slept outside Wilmar’s gate – that God will give them bed so they can sleep on a nice bed,  that God will give them soap so they can take a bath and food so they will not be hungry.

As part of our bedtime prayer, we pray for our family, friends and our country. But sometimes you’d say something like – Mama, let’s not pray for Philippines tonight, I want only China. Or it’s like this – Mama, I don’t want to pray for places, only people. Other times it’s – Mama, I will only pray a very short prayer because I’m sleepy.

Many times we start our prayer time with these lines:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our wonderful day, Thank you for guiding us today

Be with us Lord as we sleep tonight, Grant us sweetdreams so we can sleep tight.

God Bless Papa, Mama, EJ and Meimei. God Bless the Lo and the Boyero families. God Bless those we love and those who love us.

God Bless China and the Philippines…

Then go on with our other prayer items like praying for a sick family member to be healed, for God to take care of papa, etc.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

But there was one night I cried after we prayed… It was when you had your accident then you asked me while we were praying – Mama, where will God get His healing power? I asked you why are you asking and you told me – Because I want Him to heal me now, my wound is very painful. I just hugged you and told you to sleep and when you wake up, the pain will go away already because God will take it away. Then you said, OK. The next day when you woke up you told me that it was only baby painful because God already healed you!

I pray that as you grow, your knowledge of our God will also grow because as long as you “know” God and have that relationship with Him, no matter what comes your way, you’ll remain standing. His love will see you through.

God Bless you son and I am looking forward to more “CUTE” but effective prayer times with you.

Lastly, I’m sure you made God smile when you thanked Him for the rocking chair! 😀

I love you.



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Christmas 2008 in China

Dear Elisha,

I was browsing through some of our pictures in China when I saw our Christmas 2008 photos. OUR Christmas means including Meimei because she was already in my tummy. I bet she felt the joy and heard the laughter those evenings we had our Christmas parties with friends and with our OFW families in Jiaxing 🙂 Not to mention dancing to the beat of the happy songs! To let you see the different events that took place in the different parties we went to, here are some of the pictures and a little description of what transpired.

Jiaxing Foreigner Party

Every year, Speedy Tech (IMI-Jiaxing) sends representatives to this event and last year, your papa was chosen to represent the company in this gathering. The picture contains those who were seated with us that night as well as some of the special numbers presented to entertain the guests.

with Filipino band

After dinner, we went to Starbucks to meet with your uncles and aunts then at around 10pm went to a certain hotel to visit a Filipino Band that was playing there. We were the only guests that night so we had a nice time jammin’ with our Kababayans (fellow Filipinos) who were very glad we visited them.


IMI Jiaxing Party

This would’ve been an ordinary Christmas party if not for your “guts” 🙂 You wanted so much to sing on stage but you weren’t part of the program. So I asked you if you would like to follow the Chinese who went up the stage and gave flowers or balloons to the ladies. You immediately said YES… You went up not only once but twice! That girl you gave the balloon to won 1st runner up in the singing contest 🙂 The other photos are with your papa’s bosses and our housemates auntie Cathy and uncle Jon.

Jiaxing Family Christmas Party

This is the most memorable Christmas party of all… We all did our best to make this Christmas especially memorable for you. We had several games and we all had a good laugh, however, when we finished playing the balloon bursting, we were all surprised to see you sweeping the floor! And you complained that the floor was verydirty! Hihi… that’s what you get for spending too much time with your mom ;o) After the games we surprised you with gifts and papa becoming Santa Papa standing beside our Christmas “tree” (it’s not really a tree). And look at you opening your gifts! I’m sure the picture shows how much fun we had this evening.

There you have it son… Amidst all the fun and the laughter, we have always made you aware that Christmas is a special time for showing the ones we love how much we love them because that LOVE is the very reason Jesus came. He loves us that’s why there is Christmas 🙂 Wherever you may be – China, Philippines or anywhere God will lead you someday, you can celebrate Christmas knowing that the reason for this season is CHRIST.

I love you my spider boy (well at least for today that’s who you pretend to be 🙂


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Singko De Noviembre

Dear Meimei,

Today is a special day (holiday for the Philippines) because it’s Singko De Noviembre. But to me, this day is special because it’s been a month since your PSARP surgery. I can’t thank God enough for a successful operation. So let me give you a picture of YOU today.

You woke up at around 8am and as always, was excited for your bottomless mama’s milk 🙂 Then your ahia EJ and I went out for our breakfast. After my breakfast I gave you a bath. After bath time was time for our dilation. You are currently transitioning from a size 9 to a size 10 Hegar Dilator. 3 of us did it – Manang Salvie (holding your legs), Yaya Angel (holding your upper body) and Moi (dilating). You were so strong and we really had a hard time. You cried angrily (who wouldn’t?!!) but we still had to do it. When we finished I kept telling you that each time it’s done, it brings us 1 day closer to your final moment so it’s actually a good thing even if it was painful. But because you already know how to “complain”, you kept on bubbling words that I hope I understood. But a few minutes after bubbling you were back to your smiling self. I gave you back to yaya Angel as I prepared your lunch. OH, you had a lot! 3 tsp of chicken and vegetable cereal, 2 tsp  brown rice, 5 tsp pear – all pureed. 30 minutes after you cried for milk but I had to let you wait at least an hour because I knew your tummy was still full. But your all time high was your dinner – 3 tsp oats and prune cereal, 2 tsp cabbage, 2 tsp apple and 5 tsp pear. I guess you require a lot because you’re growing really fast. You weigh 10Kilos and you’re 70cms long.

10 kilos and 70cms

Look at you girl! See those arms and legs??? You’re actually doing your leg exercise here so that shows that your operation healed really well. You don’t really move as much as your achi Dindin so I make sure you do your “exercise” at least 3x a day to keep you fit! 😀 But don’t worry, your papa always remind me that when you reach 2 years old you’ll begin with your DIET! And eventually will engage into sports to keep your figure like your mom (wink) 🙂 Your papa and I met when we were elementary at one of the table tennis tournaments, from then on he had a crush on me! Hahaha… But he won’t admit it (giggling). I’ll tell you our love story when you’re old enough to understand 🙂

That’s about it… Oh, you have a little colds due to the terrible climate – super hot and humid and rainy. Crazy weather! But it’s ok, it’s almost over.

I love you my little sweetheart… God Bless you always and forever.




When your papa and I were chatting, he skyped me this:

[11/5/2009 ] *LANGGA KO*: i miss her very much. i miss being there…

and here’s what I skyped him:

[11/5/2009 ] Maricar: i’m sure everytime it’s papa’s time she feels your love for her 🙂


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Elisha Joey and Elizabeth Joy

My husband and I agreed that from time to time, we will write letters to our children so that someday, they have something to guide and encourage them when they need it. We can’t and we won’t be with them all the time, but with these letters, it’s as if we’re beside them. From these letters they’ll know how much we love them, what we value the most, what we pray for, what our principles are, who we are and what we, as parents, hope to impart to them that they too can impart to their children. We will categorize these types of blogs as LOVE LETTERS TO E.J. because truly, all our letters will be written because we love them. All our children have the initial E.J. Elisha Joey (Elisha or EJ) our son and Elizabeth Joy (Meimei) our daughter. If a third child comes, for sure his or her initial will still be E.J. 🙂

Just as the Bible is God’s love letter to mankind, this LOVELETTERS blog will be our love letter to Elisha and Meimei (and to our 3rd, 4th, 5th or nth child – ehhhhm!).

Below is the first letter written by Papa Joey entitled:



Today is the 23rd of August, year 2009.

Uncle Sydney came during lunch. We ate La Paz Batchoy instant noodles and leftovers of Ayi’s delicious pork knuckles. It was nice to have a friend around on a Sunday.

Just like the different seasons of the year, different friends come in different timing of our lives. Sometimes they’re there for a reason, while some are there for a lifetime. Some are conditional, while some are caring and real. Some comes during fair weathers, while some makes the weather fair.

I pray that as you grow up, you will have an abundance of friends. Friends who are divinely appointed by God to cross your paths… Friends who will share your joys and not rejoice in your sorrows… Friends who will love you unconditionally and not take advantage of you… Friends who will look up to you as you also look up to them… Friends who will mold your good character, build your self-confidence, lift your spirits up, and teach you in the ways of life.

Remember this always, friends are God’s gifts to us. No matter when and where, learn to treasure them.

I love you and I miss you.



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