God’s Love

Dear Elisha,

Even before you were born, your papa and I have always prayed for you.  If there’s one thing we desire the most, it’s for you to grow up as a man who honors God above all.  So since birth, I always made sure you grow up knowing God, His word and His love.

A few weeks back as I was tidying up your drawings (checking which ones to throw and which ones to keep), which I usually do on a monthly basis, I saw this drawing that brought tears to my eyes… The moment I saw it I was reassured that giving up everything I gave up was and is all worth it, because you’re growing knowing what God’s Love is… and to your young mind this is what God’s Love means…

God's Love

 After wiping my tears I called you and asked what your drawings mean, starting with this one and your explanation made me teary eyed… “God’s love is our family because you take care of me and Meimei.”  I then asked how about papa and you answered, “Papa takes care of you and me and Meimei too.” Even right now as I’m writing about this drawing I’m crying.  I am overjoyed that as your parents, we were able to make you understand what God’s love is… At the same time humbled that in spite our shortcomings, you still felt God’s love through us.

As you grow up EJ you’ll learn more about God and who He is, and you’ll understand more of His unfailing love.  Mama and papa’s love may fail, but God’s love won’t and no matter where you go and what you do, it will always be available for you… In times you’re up, thank Him for His love that brought you where you are.  In times you’re low, thank Him for His love that never lets you go.  His love has carried me through my toughest times and definitely, His love will be with you anytime, anywhere.

I love you son… and may God;s love, grace and wisdom continue to fill your papa and me as we train you and Meimei in the way you should go…





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4 responses to “God’s Love

  1. ahay…hihi cute cute. kadako na gid bala kay ej!

  2. hi! were all participants dn pla in KID 😉

    I also hve my entry here – http://www.lifesmemoirsonline.info

    and about sa post mo sa colorful weekend..how come i cant comment?
    past ko here comment ko – ahahahahhah she so cute!!! what did you do to her! lol :))

    thanks for visiting sis…baka gusto mo sali sa fashion meme ko -http://www.mameeandmefashion.com/2011/06/shopping-bag-2-daddys-shoes/


  3. wow, very touching explanation. bravo to the parents, too!
    here’s mine:

  4. What a very touching drawing with love.

    Thanks for joining KID.See you next Monday. 🙂

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