Dress MEi Up!

Dear Meimei,

The title of this post came from Diane’s suggestion.  We haven’t met her in person yet, but she’s one of your FANS, haha 🙂  So when I post your photos when I drew on your face, she suggested this title, which I think perfectly fits this blog as well.

Here’s what I’ve written in my Facebook album description:

All the photos in this album were taken in just 1 day (May 31)… and here’s the story:

Meimei saw me “drawing” on my eyebrows and she also asked for me to draw on her face 😀 my original plan was to make her look FUNNY, like a clown or something… but then due to limited HYPO-ALLERGENIC MAKE-UP COLORS, it didn’t turn out the way I hoped… that’s why her EYEBROWS were “altered”…

after my so-called DRAWING, I asked her if she wanted to put on my clothes and yes, she did! All the clothes she’s wearing are all mine 😀

oh by the way, i did my “drawing” on her face while she was poooing ;-D

Oh dear, we do lots and lots of stuff while you’re pooing, but I’ll write that in another post. For now, here are some of your pics.  I just got one from each of your “costumes”.  We did the make-up and the pictorial for almost 2 hours.  We both enjoyed it when finally you said, “Mama, let’s go outside.” That’s because you knew you were dressed in outside clothes, so you had the idea that we’re supposed to go out.  We did go out, we picked up your ahia from school.

Enjoy my dear…

gorgeous Mei

happy Mei

funny Mei

serious Mei



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11 responses to “Dress MEi Up!

  1. Car, cute cute ka baby girl mo 🙂 Nami e dress up pirme hehehe..

  2. OMG! Her Facial expressions are so funny!

    Late visit via Colorful Weekend. Hope you drop by A Colorful Week.

  3. Hazelicious929

    How cute! The photos are so colorful. My share for the Colorful Weekend #3 is up!

  4. gusto ko ang blouse nya sa first pic! 😀

  5. hahahaha..hano beh!
    Visiting from colorful weekend..here’s my
    Colorful Weekend..
    Inviting you to join Orange Tuesdays..open tomorrow till Saturday.
    Have a nice day!

  6. May

    AND doing it while she was pooing was hilarious, btw. LoL!

  7. May

    Meimei is so cute!! I can’t get Sophia to sit still long enough for me to color her up hahaha. Thanks Maricar, for coming to the Colorful Weekend party!

  8. ahahaha! she’s so cute! very adorable!

    hope you can drop by here:


    hope to see you, thanks!

  9. ohhh nice!thanks for acknowledging my name :))hehe
    you have a great idea of making a blog for mei2x..:) it makes me feel emotional when i read them 🙂

  10. Hazelicious929

    How cute! Visiting you here through Colorful Weekend. Mine is up – My Colorful Weekend

  11. ahahahahhah she so cute!!! what did you do to her! lol :))

    thanks for visiting sis…baka gusto mo sali sa fashion meme ko -http://www.mameeandmefashion.com/2011/06/shopping-bag-2-daddys-shoes/


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